give me …


Michael Leunig
The Age
2 January 2009


5 Replies to “give me …”

  1. leunig has been vindictive to someone i like a lot. so i find it hard to give credence to his already holier than thou attitudes. hypocrite, would be what i’m trying to say. (boy i sound riled don’t i?)

  2. But surely none of us are consistent? Our contradictions are what make us human …<br>Having said that, it's not that I don't empathise with you (and your friend) …

  3. damn. you’re right. still – it’s this mass media image of him as some gift to humanity of peace, love and light that annoys me. actually i noticed there’s an anti-leunig group on facebook – so obviously not everyone thinks he’s the bees knees. (and no, i did not start it!)

  4. Well – I always thought that Leunig was controversial b/c it was hard to pin down where he stands on issues. I suspect a lot of anti-Leunig sentiment is b/c he has quite a strong Christian element to his work, and yet is not afraid to poke fun at Christianity. That causes a lot of resentment in people. But, of course, this is not to do with his inter-personal skills (which is your problem with him), but with his work. I for one am appalling at simply watching the work of others 'divorced from what I might know about them personally.

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