This is the first in series of scans from a single magazine, read in route from New York to New Haven in early October. It was entertaining and soul destroying ??? a hearty mix indeed.

The magazine is called Sky Mall and it is living (huh?) proof of just far humans have progressed, and just how far we shouldn't have progressed.

(Don't forget ??? it's also suitable for larger cats)


2 Replies to “Self-cleaning”

  1. oh oh oh, i’ve got one of those Sky Mall mags. picked it up on UA on the way back from NYC with Jacob. it’s crazy. crazy. scary. hilarious.

  2. These are fantastic Simon… SkyMall is ridiculous. Although it’s really handy when I need to find a dog-grooming, espresso-making, massage-blanket that doubles as a solar-powered, internet-enabled, golf-putting-practice-machine. Slightly sickening.

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