Yoga for cyclists

Subject: yoga for cyclists starting this thursday 5th November

Greetings cyclists, yoga enthusiasts and friends,

Hope this finds you all generally healthy and content!

Just a reminder that the next 7 week yfc course will be starting this Thursday (5th Nov – 17th Dec).

As ever, the class shall be taking place every Thursday at bodywise yoga and natural health centre – 119 Roman rd E2 0QN
(nearest tube Bethnal Green) 8.15-9.30pm.

Prices are as follows:

£59.50/ 42
£10/ 7 drop-in

It can be booked as a 7 week course or attended as
drop-in classes. As ever, it works out cheaper if
booked as a course (that is if you can make at least 6 of the classes) and even cheaper if you are a
concession of any kind – student/ unemployed/ oap.

This class will of course benefit anyone who is
engaged in other physical activities (climbers,
swimmers etc.) or not – so welcome all.

There is bicycle parking available outside bodywise.
Don’t be tempted to bring them indoors, believe it or
not, they are probably safer outside!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Lastly, for further info. on bodywise and course
booking, please contact them directly on – ta.

Hope to see you there!

Rebecca Bogue


This class specifically addresses a cyclists typical
physical tendencies as a result of the imbalance
created by repeated overexertion of some muscle groups
and underutilisation of others. The class will
concentrate specifically on:

Increasing full mobility in the joints that suffer
from reduced mobility during cycling, in particular
the hips, shoulders and knees

Strengthening postural muscles to encourage correct
seated alignment and ease overuse of the upper body
and back strain.

Lengthening the commonly overdeveloped quadriceps, hip
flexors and tight hamstrings.

Counteracting postures to balance out the cyclists
position when astride a bike (eg. backbends etc).

Controlled breathing for increased exertion, endurance
and efficiency.

The main aim being that students learn how to
strengthen and stretch mindfully in class and apply
these at any point pre or post ride and keep commonly
developed cycle related injuries at bay.

Rebecca has trained in various forms of Dance, Anatomy
& Physiology and most recently Yoga Teacher Training
with Edward Clark and Elizabeth Connolly. She has
taught and continues to teach these subjects since

Having cycled regularly for 14 years, practiced yoga
for 11 and taught anatomy & physiology for 5, it made
sense whilst doing my yoga teacher training to bring
all disciplines together. What started off as simply a
written assignment, gradually developed into a
programme specifically designed to help cyclists (for
more info, see below).

For those wondering why I have opted for
studios (which I understand are not the cheapest
option), ’tis because they are fully equipped with
props (many a foam block, straps, bricks etc.) which
will specifically address a cyclists typical physical
shortcomings and will make for safer, swifter and more
satisfying progress. And then if all goes well and
people feel it worthwhile acquiring their own props (i
can get these at cost price for anyone who is
eventually interested), it is still my intention to
seek out alternative spaces and run the classes


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