From my colleague Erica Stanton:

I am reminded of some wise words from educationist Elliott Eisner and look forward to a time when –

??? more importance is placed on exploration than on discovery, more value is assigned to surprise than to control, more attention is devoted to what is distinctive than to what is standard, more interest is related to what is metaphorical than to what is literal???.

mini fridge

From the personals in latest London Review of Books:

If you like attractive, personable, romantic types I doubt very much that you'd get along with any of the other goofballs in this column. So write to me instead. I've kitted out my attic as a rumpus room with a Nintendo Wii and a mini fridge, and my mum hardly ever goes up there. M, 38.


In Luke Jennings’ review of Babel and Political Mother for The Observer on Sunday 23 May he writes: “Dramaturgs are the management consultants of the dance world, comfortably digging themselves into productions before toxifying them with theory and conceptual waffle”. 

Raymund Hoghe – dramaturge to Pina Bausch for 10 years
Andre Lepecki – dramaturge to Meg Stuart 
Guy Cools -– dramaturge to Akram Khan

Have these people really toxified the work of Khan, Stuart and Bausch?

I hate being critical of critics (it’s hard for it not to sound so petty) but Jennings’ comments tend to exacerbate the theory/feeling dichotomy in dance in the UK. That is, dance is either something that makes you think or makes you feel (and that the latter is preferable), and that it can’t be an experience that results in audiences slipping through and across thinking–feeling.  

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???Play??? is most clearly defined as the active exploration of individual and social imaginaries, built up in the spaces of everyday life. [And play] does not fit well in the rational, instrumental logic that pervades the abstract conceived spaces of today???s world. (???) Play, at its most radical and important, is a form of resistance. Giving young people space is more than giving them room to play, it is giving them the opportunity for unchallenged and critical reflection on experiences.???

??? Stuart Aitken, a geographer of play

Giant Smoke Ring Machine by Scott Mitchell

"Tomorrow night,??Thursday 13th May, the??Science-Art Club??(myself and students from Brunswick Secondary Collage) will be presenting the??Giant Smoke Ring Machine??at the opening to the Next Wave Festival.

This event is part of West Space's contribution to the??Structural Integrity??exhibition and is taking place at Arts House Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne. The exhibition opens at 6pm, the??Giant Smoke Ring Machine??will be fired shortly after 7."

Scott Mitchell = clever man.