A letter from my council (verbatim) ???

Dear Resident

Re: Items in communal area ??? Rocks Lane

During a recent health & safety inspection, I noted that are a number of bikes being chained to the communal stairwell of the block.

I ask you not to do this out of concern for the health and safety of all our residents and it is vital that the communal areas and exit routes, especially stairwells, are kept clear at all times.

These bikes have been stickered with our 48 hours warning notice however when we come to remove them, they are no longer there.

Please take this letter as warning that we will not be stickering any further bikes at Rocks Lane and any found at the time that we visit will be removed immediately.

Should you have any further queries about this or any other matter, please contact me or our customer service centre on 020 8404 5500.

Yours sincerely

Aside from the super-duper English, why could s/he also not have thanked me for removing my bike as soon as it was 'stickered'? It might have been far more cordial ??? to say the least. Incidentally, my bike was on the very top landing and in no way did it impede us getting out of the flat (and nor was it in anyone else's walking space). I wonder, also, if the rubbish bags that people leave outside their flat doors were 'stickered'?

Bitter? Me? Nope, not at all.


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