As close to drinking heaven as you might imagine (and I am no fan of bourbon). The work it takes is utterly worth it.

1 brown sugar cube
few dashes of Angostura bitters
1 large paring of orange rind, 5???8 cm long

Woodford Reserve, Maker's Mark, and Buffalo Trace all make good old-fashioneds. The glass to use has the same name as the drink ?????an Old Fashioned glass ?????which is a short, heavy tumbler, often beautifully engraved.

Put the sugar cube in the bottom of the glass and soak with the bitters. Add half a teaspoon of water. Crush the sugar cube with the back of a teaspoon and mix it into the liquid so that it starts to dissolve. Add the orange to the glass and use a pestle (or the teaspoon again) to bruise it to release the essential oils from the skin. Now start stirring. And keep stirring. The idea is to dissolve as much of the sugar as possible before you begin to add the whiskey, and as you do this the citrus peel will slowly release its flavour into the drink. After a couple of minutes add about half a centimetre of whiskey. Keep stirring until all the sugar is dissolved, which will probably take another five minutes. Finally you can start dropping in the ice ??? as many cubes as you can fit. Continue stirring as you slowly top the glass with whiskey. Drink with gravitas.

??? From Victoria Moore's How To Drink.


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