shamefully family


I suspect this falls into the 'things' category of this blog. This is my niece Rebecca and me at the Hairy Canary in Melbourne. She's trying to give herself age lines, and I'm trying to get rid of mine.

Back to art stuff soon.

game intelligence

“For me the notion of ‘game intelligence’ is so important. It’s
simple, it basically means knowing how to associate with other
players. The rest follows, the physical aspects, the technical
aspects. But understanding the game, that is what is most important.”

?????Xabi Alonso, Spanish Football team
The Sunday Times, 4 July 2010

I was thinking, as I read Alonso’s very considered and provocative
thinking about the state of football in England, that this comment ???
about how it is that we associate with others ?????is fundamental to
collaborative/devising performance processes. The how of the dancing
is less important.

freedom and dignity

“A composition must make possible the freedom and dignity of the
performer. It should allow both concentration and release.
No sound or noise is preferable to any other sound or noise.
Listeners should be as free as the players.”

?????Christian Wolff
Audio Culture ?????Readings in Modern Music p.164