the arrival of self-consciousness?

I was shocked by this story – but perhaps not surprised.

“Do you want people on the internet to see you crying?” She was shocked when the student immediately stopped crying. She didn’t need to say another word. She didn’t think it would make that much of a difference but it did. Later the 8 year old came to her and said, “Did you erase the part where I was crying?”


4 Replies to “the arrival of self-consciousness?”

  1. I was thinking the other day, what are the hardest things to watch on the internet? I thought of three things I don’t like to watch, people getting hurt, people who express an opinion that’s not correct and people crying and mainly men crying, because it is considered as not a masculine thing to do.I was having a discussion about the best and worst things to watch, or the easiest and hardest, and although all of these things are hard to watch, only the latter is hard to film. Perhaps because the person does not want to be filmed? Or that they have a fear of showing their emotions, having them recorded and allowing other people to see it.

  2. It’s strange isn’t it? I was just astounded not only by the Teacher’s threat, but also the 8yo thing. I had a bit of a cry on the way home. Felt like I am not really capable of providing the kind of support to students that I’d like to provide. Ugh.

  3. You’re more than capable, I just have no self confidence about this and I don’t know why. I think you’ve given us loads of support, so thanks. Maybe students should thank their teachers more often, it’s not really a common thing.

  4. I remember the first time I thanked a teacher ??? and it was after I’d started teaching (when I began to realise how much I’d taken my teachers for granted!). But thanks for the thought.Self-confidence is a strange beast. Delicate, solid, uncertain … there is plenty of evidence (in my mind) that if you go about your work in a genuinely reflective manner, whilst taking small small steps, then you’ll be more than fine.

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