the perfect dance critic

I’ve been meaning to reblog Miguel Gutierrez’s “perfect critic” for quite some time. Thanks to Atlanta Eke and friends (via facebook) for the heads up.

The perfect dance critic discusses the implications of the different cultural representations of gender, race, sexual orientation or class in the work. The perfect dance critic acknowledges his own cultural position when addressing these issues, and how that cultural position may shape his feelings or responses. 

Here’s the full link:



One Reply to “the perfect dance critic”

  1. Superb?As you well know, I too think that there is plenty of room for development of dance critics – and that they are a part of the dance community, which is something they seem to rarely consider. But really, this piece of writing is near to useless – except to suggest perhaps that Miguel might be better suited to being a critic than critics are, given he can describe it all so well.

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