somewhere in the middle

I was listening to choreographer Robert Clark the other day and he said something like “skills for collaboration are not the same as being creative”. It made me wonder about the nature of choreography and just how much I understand it to be about managing, provoking, and listening to the various meetings that arise between people involved in making performance.

Time for a venn diagram.


in defence of sincerity

I like Perry’s desire for – and interest in – sincerity (in direct opposition to irony). The challenge perhaps is to be informed enough in order to make a stand or take a position, rather than hover at a distance, or comment from the wings.

Ironic distance – you disown what you say to a certain extent. Yes, I stand accused, probably because there’s nothing more shocking than sincerity in modern culture. Irony is the default position of so much of our culture now. Unless you use irony you seem quite unsophisticated because you haven’t considered both sides of the argument.

— Grayson Perry

tiring of creativity

Was starting to get a bit of creativity fatigue myself:

Creativity is about the most worn-out, abused concept that used to mean something remarkable, something that differentiated someone, something that made them special. It’s a term that’s been usurped … and reduced to a base concept that has come to stand for the opposite of creativity: mediocre, middle-of-the-road, acceptable, unadventurous, and so forth—so that creativity is no longer creative. What was once creative is now uncreative.

– Kenneth Goldsmith, via

It is indeed strange how words gain and lose value in time: innovation, practice, research, even choreographer comes and goes (often replaced by director or maker). But dammit, I value creativity, I value innovation, and I am a choreographer.