face to face

Face to Face is a Roundtable discussion between Emilyn Claid, Carol Brown, Efrosini Protopapa and me, and hosted by Roehampton Dance’s Centre for Dance Research.

We are going to talk about collaboration, and choreographic research, and the things that currently seem important to us as artists (and scholars).

It’s on at 6pm this Tuesday 5 November in Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University, SW15 5PJ. http://w3w.cm/liked.bonus.rights

Blurb here:

Face-to-face: form, relation, apparition

I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me

— Virginia Woolf

We will sit facing each other and draw on our individual, current choreographic research projects to think through the uncertainties of presence in collaboration, and the ways in which as artist-scholars we extend out into the world.

Given the social nature of choreographic practice, we seem ready to be ‘made and remade continually’, as we encounter the other in the excessive nearness of friendship (Giorgio Agamben). We alternate between form and formlessness, as we engage in fragile processes of collaborative making.

If we accept that different practices of relating start shaping the various choreographic contexts we work in – be they aesthetic, pedagogic, theatre, video, writing – at what point, we might ask, do we turn into some kind of hard-to-see apparition?


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