recovery again

I’ve posted about Recovery before, but tonight is the preview in Melbourne and I’m excited for this as I am disappointed to be missing the entire season. It’s a strange thing to miss seeing a project you’ve been involved with for many years.

Natalie Cursio and Shannon Bott are remarkable artists – thoughtful, trusting, resilient and at times belligerent (in the best possible sense of the word) – and it is always a pleasure to get to work with them (even from so far away here in London).

Here’s an email-based interview about the project:

Here is an article from

I wrote some notes for Shannon and Natalie this morning and thought perhaps that those of you who are performers/dancers reading this might be interested. Here are they are:

  • remember the extraordinary pleasure and privilege of the opportunity to perform and dance for people
  • “… use your adrenalin on your terms.” – Deborah Hay
  • Ms Hay also said that what is happening is “choreography of a moment, and not a movement”.
  • related to this is to stay sensitive to your experience of time in performance, to master time, to compress and stretch it, to be in it and not have it done to you. Enjoy the way time floats in performance, and be responsible for that floating.
  • stay busy with the physical and sensorial aspects of the materials, and try and avoid the trap of being consumed by feeling (ie don’t succumb to emotion or nostalgia or attempting to feel something so that others might feel it). Allow the sum of the parts of the work to do its work with the audience, rather than make the parts ‘felt’.
  • there is no need to try harder, or be more of anything for tonight. Just gently navigate your way through the materials and the locations. What kind of listening might this make available to you (in your bodies, hearts, minds)?
  • take pleasure, absolute pleasure in your time together, in the dancing together, and in the immeasurable joy of being alive, here, now.


Image: Kirsty Argyle


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