rugby hero

On the weekend, Australian rugby flanker David Pocock did a remarkable thing on the field. He complained to the referee that a player in the opposition team had made “homophobic slurs”.

Which is why Brumbies flanker David Pocock’s actions at the weekend in calling out a Waratahs player for allegedly branding a player a “faggot” in a spiteful Super Rugby clash were remarkably brave. Pocock, a passionate social justice campaigner, has long been a vocal supporter of gay rights.

But his words would mean nothing if his actions did not back it up.

It’s a simple act, but speaking as a former (schoolboy) rugby player it’s hard to describe just how transgressive Pocock’s act was.

And then there’s former Australian rugby player Greg Martin who says that Pocock will never captain Australia again as a result of his stand:

[The Australian Rugby Union] have a role to play in appointing the Australian captain because he is the voice box,” Martin said.

They’ll get worried that he will get up on his soapbox about all sorts of issues.

It would have been so easy for Pocock to remain silent, but he took responsibility and spoke clearly and loudly.


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