david williams on space time angles

Just a bit of a reblog here from the wonderful David Williams writing about space time angles, sport, noticing and making things.


Regarding playing team sports:

And you also start to read what other people can do and where their capacities are; and so you create the conditions where that capacity can be activated usefully. It’s absolutely similar to working with a group of performers, whether they are dancers or theatre people. It’s somehow creating the conditions for the individuals within the collective to recognise, value, extend and develop their own capacities, and to find a complementarity in relation, so that collectively they can produce something that is more than the sum of its parts and that’s live here and now.

On ‘sensitised empathy’:

And it’s not necessarily a question of needing to know what the internal life of that is, its invisible logic, the intuitive or quite conscious scoring that goes on for a dancer: what Jonathan Burrows calls the ‘internal song’. I’m always interested in those things, but not with a view to that thing being conveyed … what’s going on internally could be anything, because as we know there’s a mismatch between one’s internal life and what happens for somebody watching on the outside, what ‘appears’. It’s all to do with what their actions do, and how to help someone recognise what that ‘do’ to me as a kind of foldback to them. So if I am ever interested in accessing their internal life, it’s only as a mechanism to help them have a fuller sense of what that seems to do for a third party.


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