We ourselves will be able to determine what is true and what is not.

Joseph Stalin



… the superb indifference that the powerful have for the weak.

Simone Weil

Hotel on Eastlink, Melbourne



The fourth major work is Hotel, a 20m-high scale model of a high-rise hotel that will give motorists the impression they are driving past a movie set.

For its creator, Canadian-born Callum Morton, the idea of the “folly” hotel was in part inspired
by the “big” icons spotted from the back seat of the car on the road trips of his youth.

“It’s the antithesis of the giant pineapple or the lemonade bottle, which was a landmark for me as a child whenever we travelled down the coast, because it is in fact a reduced version of a building, not an inflated one,” Morton says.

Sted 10m off the bitumen between Greens and Bangholmeroads in Dandenong South, Hotel
will feature lights that fade in and out across individual windows (the lights are powered by solar panels), giving the impression the structure is occupied.

Text ripped from,,23841904-5012907,00.html. Such a mysterious work—a little bit David Lynch, a little bit toy train set—stuck on the edge of the Eastlink tollway in Melbourne.


We only ever experience anything once.

Shirley McKechnie (chatting today over tea)



Image from front of online version of The Age yesterday. It's hard to describe this kind of heat (it's more than 115 Fahrenheit). A furnace, with a hot hot (and strong) wind. Terrible.