restless writing

“If artists more frequently approached writing in public as just such
an extension, rather than a means of explaining or promoting it, they
might find the process comes more naturally. I’m calling for a messier
kind of writing, more vulnerable and yet more declamatory. Writing
that is the product of a desire to speak as well as an obligation to
communicate. A more restless kind of writing, devoid of neatness,
riddled with ambiguities and rhetorical flourishes. Writing that
expresses the same wants and preoccupations as that artist’s other
creative output, without needing to comment on that work. Writing
suffused with generosity and fragility. The page as a canvas or a
stage, as well as space for programme notes.”

?????Andy Field


I had the great pleasure of watching Jerome Bel’s Veronique Doisneau again (perhaps for the 4th time?) on Friday night during the screenings at the Screendance Symposium at Brighton University.
Also in the programme were films by Catherine Long (Experiment. Number 1), Lizzie Sykes (Angry Rambler, Tiago’s Sequence), Becky Edmunds (Skate, stand in). I’ll write about the symposium soon if I get a moment, but in the meantime, here’s Veronique Doisneau.

Moving, delicate, remarkable.

You can view the rest of the film (in several parts – it’s 37 minutes long) on youtube).